Pacific DeFi — Updated Roadmap

Phase 1: Pacific DeFi Goes Live

  1. Internal audit of smart contract code via Solidity.Finance
  2. Whitepaper release and distribution
  3. Pacific DeFi investor presentation deck
  4. Private Sale through investor network
  5. Online community building on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium
  6. Creation of daily blog content that introduces newcomers to the world of DeFi
  7. Pre-sale via IDO
  8. Listing on CMC, CoinGecko, DappRadar
  9. Audits from Certik, Hacken for liquidity pools and auto-staking vaults
  10. Go live on DEX PancakeSwap

Phase 2: Staking and Farming Begins

  1. Partnership with DeFi tools provider to enable live analytics dashboard on platform
  2. Partnerships with YouTube influencers to promote product offerings
  3. Continue to build online community via Twitter, Telegram, and Medium
  4. Development of proprietary DEX and swap features

Phase 3: High-Yield Vaults & Structured Products

  1. Development of enterprise-grade high-yield auto-staking vaults that cater to institutions and high-net-worth individuals
  2. Development synthetic structured products using option premium-selling strategies for both retail and institutional adoption on high-demand cryptocurrencies

Phase 4: Uncollateralized lending & Proprietary DEX with Launchpad

  1. Improve credit model over time
  2. Continue to expand the client base to new geographic regions
  3. Pacific DeFi to incubate new projects via a launchpad with partners
  4. Start developing the Pacific DeFi mobile app for Android and iOS operating systems

Phase 5: Mobile App Released (Beta Version)

  1. Community-given feedback and improvements made
  2. Mobile app marketing via social media channels, YouTube influencers, and marketing partners
  3. The first version of the mobile app released to the Pacific DeFi community

Phase 6: P2P Fiat/Crypto Platform

  1. Begin regulatory due diligence and applications in targeted launch country
  2. Receive regulatory approvals and licenses
  3. Develop iOS and Android versions of the platform
  4. Use of local marketing mediums to increase awareness of usage of the platform

Pacific DeFi is a financial eco-system offering the best stablecoin and altcoin yields in #DeFi