Current Weekly Summary:

16th Week on PancakeSwap DEX

  1. Price in a range between $0.01-$0.13, price decline attributed to BNB decline
  2. PancakeSwap DEX volume past 7 days: ~$58k vs $14k USD last week — additional volume due to Polygon pools coming online

PACIFIC and PACIFIC-MATIC Pools Launched: Polygon

  1. 1 year farming period
  2. Single PACIFIC staking: 3,500,000 $PACIFIC rewards; no cap and unlimited harvesting period
  3. PACIFIC-MATIC-LP farming: 6,000,000 $PACIFIC rewards; no cap and unlimited harvesting period

Current APR for single PACIFIC vault: 404%

Current APR for PACIFIC-BNB-LP farming vault: 1420%

Polygon Bridge is LIVE!

  1. Seamless bridge to bridge you PACIFIC tokens on BSC to the Polygon network
  2. For information on how to stake/farm and bridge PACIFIC tokens to Polygon, please read this:

Technical Development Progress

  1. Team is analysing the best asset allocation strategies and how the fixed-income vaults will function within the Pacific DeFi ecosystem
  2. The team will have mobile screens ready once we complete the bridge work on Polygon and first set of fixed income vaults online in Q1 2022 — we have delayed it so the team can focus core efforts on bridge and contracts development

Marketing Progress

1. Daily Twitter updates, TG announcements/engagements, community prize giveaways — these giveaways help with brand exposure, as users comment #PACIFICDEFI, making it popular #on Twitter

2. Use of crypto schillers within our network to Tweet, Re-Tweet and Re-Tweet Pacific DeFi’s pinned posts on Twitter to create engagement and awareness to new users

3. Medium weekly reports: Everyday we get 20–30 new Medium followers that are organic and crypto-centric

4. We have partnered with an agency that focuses on marketing to the Chinese community. Marketing will be in the form of PR, influencers, blogging, and WeChat/Telegram community building for 3-months — a small $3,500 airdrop will be given to participants to help spread awareness of Pacific DeFi and our current product offerings

Current Community Stats:

Official Twitter: 77.2k followers

Official Telegram: 31.1k members

Contact us:

Official email address: