Pacific DeFi — Weekly Report: August 14–21

Current Weekly Summary:

  1. Continue to work with a UX/UI specialist to design the framework of the Pacific DeFi platform. App Homepage initial UX/UI design has been completed. The designer is now working on the PACIFIC and PACIFIC-BNB LP liquidity pool designs
  2. Next on UX/UI agenda: High-yield vaults, KYC login for ‘Launch App’
  3. Working with a well-established developer for our current smart contract needs and working on retrieving a quote from them for staking/LP contract implementation, contract vesting, audit, and front-end integration development with the UX/UI framework
  4. After discussions with the developer, our native PACIFIC token will launch on the BSC, with a bridge connecting BSC to KCC so that users on the KCC can also access and trade the token. The team will most likely in the future develop a new token on the KCC with its own separate supply. Since the KCC is interoperable with the BSC and Ethereum blockchains, there should not be any issues with the bridging. We have selected the KCC based on the following: (1) interoperable with both BSC and Ethereum chains, (2) less-crowded space with first mover advantages, (3) low-transaction costs and (4) contributes to the healthy growth of a new ecosystem
  1. No major marketing has been done yet — but it will happen over the next few days. The team is focused on working with our launchpad partner and finalising the private sale details before spearheading marketing
  2. We have decided to work with Off Brand ( for our new website, which will be released right before our IDO. The whitepaper has also been updated, with the latest version to been released on the new website soon
  1. The team will operate two pools for the liquidity mining process: PACIFIC and PACIFIC-BNB
  2. Product focus is on high-yield fixed income vaults via auto-staking strategies for stablecoin and non-stablecoin deposits. These single token deposits allow for users to generate yields across high-grade DeFi protocols on the BSC, ETH, Polygon and Solana ecosystems
  3. A ‘Lending’ feature so users can deposit stablecoins and earn yield will also be developed. These stablecoins will be lent out in the high-yield vaults to generate higher stablecoin yields and increase leverage for non-stablecoin deposits (e.g. BNB)
  4. Structured products on BNB and ETH are in the pipeline, where users can generate automatic yield from option premium selling via short-term options
  1. Private sale will be complete this week
  2. The team will raise 400k USD via an IDO on the 17th September 2021

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