Pacific DeFi — Weekly Report: July 17th-July 24th

Technical Development Progress

  1. Working with full-stack developer to optimize landing page and migrate to WordPress for easier functionality and admin management
  2. Working with a UX/UI specialist to design the framework of the Pacific DeFi platform. Once that is complete it will be handed over to a front-end developer to integrate with the website
  3. Reviewing backgrounds of Solidity developers who have extensive experience in smart contract development and implementation for Pacific DeFi’s auto-compounding features

Marketing Progress

  1. Currently working on short 90–120sec video animation explaining the Pacific DeFi ecosystem. This will be displayed directly on our website and YouTube channel
  2. Creation of GitBook page with link via Pacific DeFi’s website
  3. Updated whitepaper has been released and is available for download on Pacific DeFi’s website

Funding Progress

  1. Applying to DeFi launchpads for strategic investment and backing by established groups: DuckDAO and BSC Pad
  2. VC outreach to on-board investors who have same vision

Current Community Stats

Official Telegram: 3,709 members (Will need to increase organic members via AMAs and sponsored posts on crypto-centric content sites — engagement is low and needs to be increased)

Contact us:

Official email address:

Pacific DeFi is a financial eco-system offering the best stablecoin and altcoin yields in #DeFi