Current Weekly Summary:

7th Week on PancakeSwap DEX

  1. Price has been range-bound with current fully-diluted at $4.4mn USD
  2. 100% of total IDO tokens are ‘unlocked’ and only 1.5mn (vs. 1.9mn last week) out of the 20mn IDO tokens are left in the contract, slowly being claimed — impact is minimal on price
  3. PancakeSwap DEX volume past 7 days: ~$392k USD vs. $497k USD the previous week — expect volume to increase on Friday once UniFarm staking partnership goes live

3-month PACIFIC and PACIFIC-BNB Pools: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  1. 3-month locked staking and farming vaults on the BSC began on Friday 22nd October 2021
  2. Single PACIFIC staking: 3-month duration; 500,000 $PACIFIC rewards; 40% max. APR %; 5,000,000 $PACIFIC cap reached
  3. PACIFIC-BNB-LP farming: 3-month duration; 500,000 $PACIFIC rewards (increased to 2,000,000 $PACIFIC rewards as compensation due to APR bug); 140% max. APR %; 30,000 LP token cap reached
  4. 5,000,000 $PACIFIC locked in the PACIFIC pool
  5. 3,700,000 $PACIFIC locked in the PACIFIC-BNB-LP pool currently

PancakeSwap Liquidity:

  1. The team initially provided $200k USD worth of liquidity upon launch — now there ~$726k USD worth of liquidity on PancakeSwap
  2. As we roll out more farming programs on the BSC and Polygon, our liquidity pools will continue to deepen, making it easier for larger investors to come in and smoothing price fluctuations

Technical Development Progress

  1. Polygon bridge and Polygon staking/LP staking contracts are being developed. Completion is likely to take until end of November for bridge and single PACIFIC staking contracts to go live — expect 1st or 2nd week December for full integration with UX/UI and testing to be complete
  2. 6-month PACIFIC and PACIFIC-BNB vaults are in development — expect vaults to be live in 2 weeks after testing and UX/UI integration has been completed
  3. The team will have mobile screens ready once we complete the bridge work on Polygon — we have delayed it so the team can focus core efforts on bridge and staking contracts development as that takes up most of the resources currently

CEX Listing Progress

  1. After discussing with the team, we believe it is best to list on a CEX once more circulating supply has been locked and our liquidity on the DEX is deeper. Currently circulating supply is below 15mn PACIFIC (15% of supply), with Polygon staking and LP staking live, additional staking vaults on the BSC and an additional 1–2 key partnerships, this will lock up more PACIFIC supply, allowing a CEX listing to have a much greater positive impact on price

Partnership with UniFarm: Friday 12th Nov, 2021 (1:30 PM UTC) on BSC

We have partnered with UniFarm ( to create additional opportunities for users to stake $PACIFIC and also participate in a cross-pollination staking strategy offered by the UniFarm team

Marketing Progress

1. Daily Twitter updates, TG announcements/engagements, community prize giveaways — these giveaways help with brand exposure, as users comment #PACIFICDEFI, making it popular #on Twitter

Current Community Stats:

Official Twitter: 64.9k followers