Pacific DeFi’s IDO on KCCPad — Friday 17th September 2021

Pacific DeFi is proud to announce it’s IDO launch on KCCPad: tomorrow!

Pacific DeFi’s IDO allocation round will open Friday September 17th 8 AM UTC and the FCFS round will open at 1 PM UTC.

This is then followed by a PancakeSwap listing at 4PM UTC.

A total of 20,000,000 $PACIFIC tokens will be available for the IDO.


Staking Eligibility Deadline:
Friday September 17th 5 AM UTC
Allocation Round:
Friday September 17th 8 AM UTC
Friday September 17th 1 PM UTC
PancakeSwap Launch:
Friday September 17th 4PM UTC

☑️ #KCCPAD IDO checklist:

▪️Complete KYC (one time process)


✅ Completed KYC can be recognized by a green KYC button on our website & approval email by KYCAID

📢 Below tiers must complete the additional tasks in the whitelist to be eligible:

- Ku-starters tier
- Ku-bulls tier

📄 Whitelist:

About KCCPad

KCCPad is the first major launchpad on KCC. KCCPad brings stability, safety and amazing opportunities on the new and highly anticipated KuCoin Community Chain!

KCCPad is also the first launch pad fully incubated by BlueZilla Labs.

BlueZilla is the team behind the super successful BSCPad, TronPad and ETHPad. The team behind KCCPad is grateful for the rapid and full advisory, technical and marketing support that the BlueZilla team is putting behind us.

About Pacific DeFi

Pacific DeFi provides highly secure yield enhancement products for stablecoins and altcoins, offering users the ability to earn high risk-adjusted returns by depositing single tokens into its vaults.

The product suite includes single-token yield-enhancement stablecoin and non-stablecoin vaults, lending & borrowing, leveraged vaults, and a launchpad for users to gain access to the best DeFi projects.

In order to provide the features above, Pacific DeFi will offer a universally usable wallet, token swap platform, and interoperability across different blockchain networks.

Pacific DeFi will also partner with the best security firms and DeFi protocols operating in similar niches to ensure the longevity, scalability, and security of the platform.

Pacific DeFi is a financial eco-system offering the best stablecoin and altcoin yields in #DeFi